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Safkar Brand which is identical with the air conditioner of the bus we are travelling in it, that of the train we board every day, that of the underground railway, and car coolers carrying milks of our children, provides services to you for more than quarter century. Since its establishment in 1980s, by developing itself, Safkar has gradually grown and become one of the most important companies of the world to this extent with its products such as air conditioners for buses, midibus, minibus, and refrigerators, air conditioners for underground railways, trolley cars, light rail and trains as well as its products of defense industry and worldwide engineering services.

As a company attaching great importance to technology and having invested for the design and testing capabilities since the very beginning of its establishment.

Safkar  having the most comprehensive testing laboratory in Turkey in its field hosts one of the biggest and most competent climatic testing cabins in Turkey and Europe.

Safkar that has had the authorities certify its approach based on making no concessions on quality received ISO-TS 16949 certificate for automotive products. In addition, as one of the first three companies in Turkey having IRIS Certificate (International Railway Industry Standard Certificate) that approves the competencies of rail systems producing companies, Safkar is also the only company as the air conditioner producer in this sense. Safkar also received ISO14001 ve OHSAS 18001 Certificates in order to certify its value and importance that it attaches to the environment and occupational health and safety.